Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Second practice of this week - the breath is so important

I practiced this morning. The hotel room gives me enough space to do all the asanas and without thinking that I'm in a deep valley between bed and wardrobe. My body was soft today and strong. Practices like today are motivating. The weather helps. It's so reliable warm here in Bulgaria.

Back bending: We all know it, correct breathing supports the practice. Nevertheless, I realized that my breathing is superficial when I do back bending asanas. Today I exhaled deeply. This comes first. And then with the next inhaling, my body got blown up like a balloon, I stretched my arms and I was in urdhva dhanurasana. It was so much easier.

In order to get closer with my hands to my legs I don't come down on my head, move them closer and get into the pose again. Instead I shift the weight to the legs and then I move the hands further to the legs. This is important as one day my hands must lift from the floor anyway. I have this technique from Kino MacGregor. It's challenging to get closer with the hands to the feet that way.


Today we made a trip to the countryside. The sunflower fields are amazing. We tried to find a restaurant, but couldn't. Hungry we returned at the hotel in the late afternoon.

At 11pm Brazilians and Germans want to know who plays better soccer this year. We'll watch.

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