Sunday, July 20, 2014


Pashasana is one of the four core asanas of second series of Ashtanga yoga. It's also the first asana of second series. It's a twist with an additional challenge: One has to balance. 

There are 2 main challenges:
1. To reach the wrist while wrapping one arm around the legs.
2. The heels are supposed to be on the floor. 

If one feels any discomfort one is guided in which direction one has to work. Lately I was asked if I felt anything on the side of the feet. Yet I don't feel any discomfort here. I feel the tendon between feet and leg on the upper side. In order to become more flexible here I step my feet backwards in down dog so that my heels don't touch the floor anymore and then I try to push them down. 

In the second picture I don't sit. The body is slightly lifted. The legs are active. Also in pashasana one doesn't sit, legs are active.

All twists are good reminders to eat healthy. Then the extra pounds will disappear by themselves. Twists are easier when in excellent shape.

Don't hook the fingers. It might seem as progress, yet finally it isn't. The twist starts from the hips. One has to stretch the body. Then oneshoulder goes backwards the other one forward. The pectoral muscle is stretched. When the palm of the hand is turned around the shoulder moves forward, but it shall move backwards. So try to reach the wrist or a few fingers.

My heels are too high. When I roll back I fall out of the pose.
I'm convinced now that my approach to this pose must change. The heels must be on the floor while I try to reach my wrist with the one hand.

I know that this pose is possible for me. I've been there with help. To get into the pose is not yet possible.

The weather invited me to practice this morning. It's hot here. I so enjoyed my sweaty practice. And I've pictures for this week. I'm looking forward to an intensive yoga week.


Globie said...

Do you ever roll up your mat so you can have you heals pressing down?

Pasasana is much easier if the stomach is empty

Ursula Preiss said...

Yeah Kev, I always practice with an emtpy stomach.

Sometimes I roll up my mat. Then I get my heels closer to the floor. Yet one shall not forget the goal and this is to have the heels on the floor. :)

Globie said...

I think rolling up the mat is good when you practice alone, it means you can work on pressing the heals down and get the bind. L also always tells me to really push the knees together, makes the bind easier.

Ursula Preiss said...

Oh, this is helpful. Tomorrow I'll press the knees together.