Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh no!!!

I overslept.
Not amused. Not at all.
How could this be? I didn't even hear the alarm clock. That is I must have heard it as I had switched it off, yet I cannot remember anymore to have done this.

I'm out of rhythm.

On Sunday I watched the soccer match Argentina - Germany. It was so exciting, so very exciting. Finally the relief and we are 'Weltmeister' now. Today is the big party in Berlin. At 9am it starts and I'll watch TV to see again all the joy.

The plan was to be back from yoga already. What a pity. Now I'll have to practice alone again. :(

It is as it is. I'm vertical now and the day can begin.

When things go different then planned it's always a reminder that all is out of control. Life happens.

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