Friday, July 25, 2014

Led class today - primary

There are a few asanas that challenge me when I practice primary in a led class. Navasana is one of these poses. I lack core strength, I guess. Or am I so exhausted already when this pose comes? If the teacher counts the 5 breaths  fast I think: I can do it and I really give my best. If the counting is slow I think: no way and I start cheating right from the beginning (I hold my legs with my hands). My motivation to hold this pose for so long fades away. I don't feel challenged anymore, I just want to survive this pose. Haha.....

I practiced in the first row today. When in marichyasana C and D I had to turn around as these 2 poses are twists. What I saw was work in progress. Oh my, all these struggling yogis and yoginis. I know I've been there.

In the changing room a woman asked me: "Do you go to the Mysore classes, too?" 'Yes," I answered. "It's so early," she replied. "If you want it, it doesn't matter," I said and she agreed.

The more one wants something the tinier the obstacles become. To get up at 5am  is possible then. I'm curious now if I'll see her again.

Today I won't go to bed on time. I won't set a timer to wake up early. I'll enjoy my day off from yoga tomorrow.

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