Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kapotasana - strong legs

The secret of all the back bending asanas lies in the legs. They are supposed to be strong, much stronger than one might imagine. Strong legs protect the lower back and make a practice safe.

The picture is taken last Sunday. What I like is that the legs are rather parallel. The elbows don't move apart from each other as they used to do. Important is also that I can hold this pose and I can focus on the breath.

My legs are a bit sore from yesterday. That means I had an intensive practice.

I practice in the morning. When I want to do more yoga, I prepare my own vegan meals, I clean the flat. This is part of a yogic life style. too.

I stare at the picture and I think: I'll nail this pose!


Courtney said...

Backbends are my absolute favourite and you don't realise how strong your legs have to be until you do intense backbend practise! Beautiful pose by the way, thank you for sharing :)


Anna said...

You will nail it! Already I can see a much smaller gap between your hands and feet than there was a year ago.

Ursula Preiss said...

Even more important the knees are closer together and the elbows, too. That way the pose is safe. My understanding of this pose deepens and this will finally allow me to do it without risking injuries.