Monday, July 07, 2014

Kapotasana - a long way to go

Kapotasana is one of the core poses of second Ashtanga series. Usually I don't drop back anymore. I work on  keeping my legs strong, I stretch, I try to lift my chest. That's it. Today I wanted to see how it looks when my hands are on th floor. How much distance will be to my feet, I wondered. My hands are far away from my feet, but I don't care. The pose improved. My knees are together and my elbows are much closer to each other than they used to be. The tiniest improvements make me happy. :)

It's possible, I tell myself again and again. And I practice this pose again and again. It's such a killer pose. This asana and back bending in general must be my focus for the next year, minimum. I trust that something can be moved: my spine. Hahaha.....It's so much more. As written: I work on strength here, too. The legs do a lot of work. Also from this pose one must come up.

I'm happy, I practiced. My body felt good (no more poisoned).

I wish I had the energy to do extra sessions for back bending.....might it happen.

Here is sunshine again. In Varna is a lake, called Lake Varna. We have a car for trips for the next days. This lake could be a destination today.


Quentin said...

Was inspired to practice, too.

Ursula Preiss said...

Great, Quentin.