Saturday, July 19, 2014


Sometimes one has aha-moments and the practice leaps ahead. My understanding re dhanurasana deepened when I saw a picture of the pectoral muscle. Back bending is (also) about stretching the pectoral muscle.

I check the following points when I do dhanurasana:

1. When I move into the pose the chin remains on the floor first. When My limit is reached, I lift the chin and the upper body. That way I can get deeper into the pose.
2. Thinking of stretching the pectoral muscle helps to open the front of the body even a bit more!!!
3. Feet together.
4. Knees move together, too. (challenging)
5. Deep breathing. The breathing helps, too.
6. Dristi is the nose and not upwards!!!!!

I tend to hold the pose rather short. It will improve this pose when I hold it longer. Yeahhhhh....

On Friday we had the led class. Matt, who taught in Munich in the last week and, who led us through primary yesterday directed a few words to us afterwards. Take your time, was the message. You have your whole life.
It's safer, I also think to develop the practice in a reasonable speed than to hurry.

I know that I'll be stuck at kapotasana for some time. Shall it be so. I'll learn to become even a bit more patient. I'll learn how to learn. My understanding about back bending will deepen. And finally I'll be in that deep deep back bending asana.

Today it's hot here and I'm enjoying my yoga free day. :) Happy weekend.

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