Tuesday, June 17, 2014

To walk the talk....how long to stay in the asanas of the closing sequence

Hahaha.....you remember yesterdays post where I wrote to practice with diligence from the beginning till the end.

So today I was in headstand, I moved my legs to a horizontal position. After 5 breaths I had enough. Was I bored? Was I exhausted? I moved the legs upwards and then down and then I realized that teacher MSch sat there. 'Stay for 10 breaths', he told me. I love how attentive he is. He cares. And he is right. The asanas are supposed to be hold longer.

Here is how long one shall stay in the asanas of the closing sequence: 

1. Salamba sarvangasana - 25 breaths
2. Halasana - 10 breaths
3. Karna pidasana - 10 breaths
4. Urdhva padmasna - 10 breaths
5. Pindasana - 10 breaths
6. Matsyasana - 10 breaths
7. Uttana padasana - 10 breaths
8. Sirsasana - 25 breaths
9. Urdhva dandasana - 10 breaths
10. Balasana - 10 breaths
11. baddha padmasana - 10 breaths
12. Yoga mudra - 10 breaths
13. Padmasana - 25 breaths
14. Utpluthih - 25 breaths

I highlighted the poses that are held for 25 breaths. All the other asanas are held for 10 breaths. Not to forget that after the headstand comes a rest pose and this one is held for 10 breaths, too.

I took the information from the book by M. Sweeney - Astanga yoga as it is.

Tomorrow I'll walk the talk. That is I do what is possible. Utplutthih is a challenge. Usually I'm done at the end. I can work on it. Every week 2 more breaths.......

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