Monday, June 16, 2014

Till the last second

It's World Cup time in Brazil. What we can see are the best soccer players, the best teams world wide. I love to watch the matches. And I love to listen to the moderation to get back ground information. What can I learn from the best of the best, wonder.

Yesterday a team scored in the last minute. This happens not that rarely. The conclusion: a match is lost or won when the match is over not earlier. Not to give up too early requires strength and willpower, yet this can bring the wished success.

For my yoga practice I learn to be attentive till the end.
Sometimes I observe that when the asana is done a sloppy vinyasa follows. Yet the vinyasa is equally important. The vinyasa  has counter poses. The upward facing dog should be done with awareness as well. Muscles shall be engaged. The movement is done with the inhaling. I search my limit here, too. When the inhaling is done, there is a little break. I try not to be in a hurry to do the next asana as quickly as possible. The vinyasas deserve the same attention as the asanas.

The closing sequence has a purpose, too. The body shall cool down. The asanas are held longer. We practice the closing sequence in the back of the room. It's seductive to finish quickly as the main part is done.
To relax at the end is important, too. It's a skill to relax, one can exercise it every day after the asana practice. I'll bring a timer next time. I know I'm too quickly through this part.

Today my practice was great. The weather helps a lot. I can try to find reasons why it was good. Fact is it's often a surprise how it is.

Today the Germans and the Portuguese team will fight and sweat. Of course I'll watch. Good luck.

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