Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday is a day off

On Saturdays the Ashtanga yoginis don't practice. They have a day off. This day off has a history. P. Jois a most passionate teacher taught every day. His family missed him and they wanted to see him at least once in a week longer. So he took off Saturdays to have time with his family.

1. To have a day off creates a lot of time that one can spend with family and friends, indeed. E loves to invite me for dinner on Friday night. I can stay up longer as usual as I don't have to get up at 5am the next day. I can sleep in, which is nice, too once a week. The body is used to get up early, so I don't stay soooooo loooooong in bed, but longer.

2. Necessary things can get done. The daily yoga practice is time-consuming. I get up at 5am and at 9am I'm at home again. This is 4 hours. A lot can be accomplished within 4 hours, 4 extra hours. Having things done is relaxing. Having a relaxed life  is what we yoginis want, isn't it?

3. My practices are so intensive these days that I've the feeling that my body needs one day to integrate what it has learned during the week. One day off doesn't make the body stiff. One can start the yoga week slowly.

4. A day off also keeps me motivated. I always realize how much I love this practice when I don't practice a day.

So today I'm enjoying my day off. I'll do grocery shopping. My beloved E loves my meals and I want to cook today. I'll have time to take pictures. At night we'll watch soccer. The team  of Ghana and the team of Germany will  measure who is better.

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I wish you a relaxed Saturday. Might this Saturday allow you to gather enough energy to have an intensive next week.

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