Thursday, June 26, 2014

Probably a unique experience - the filming

Yesterday we were filmed at Airyoga, we that is yogi R, teacher MSch and myself. Our teacher led us through half primary.

It was a professional shooting. That is we got our hair done and the face, too. We all got an outfit (see picture). I was asked if I liked color. So I was the lady in red.

All took a bit longer as planned. I think this is so if many people are involved in a project. At 3pm we started with the show. Only 3 or 4 times the filming was interrupted. Then the make-up artist dried our faces. I loved it. I guess we also needed it. Our teacher counted rather slowly, so in some asanas I could relax a bit longer, in others I was challenged. I was so happy that I could hold navasana and also urdhva dhanurasana and utpluthih. HOLD, HOLD, HOLD, HOLD, I was so strict with myself. And I held this pose and I was more than glad. Ha. I fell out of urdhva dandasana A. When I realized that MSch was adjusting R, I thought: no way to hold it 10 breaths. I trembled, I had reached my limit. I hope they cut this part.

The worst was the chanting at the end. This was lousy. I will finally learn this text. Hahaha....

In sum I'd say that we were an excellent team. We were all super. I'm curious now about the result.

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Anna said...

Beautiful dress. Well, what an opportunity. Your practice through the years has brought you to this moment! I can just imagine you "Hold, hold, hold" --rather die than give up!

Ursula Preiss said...

I hope I didn't look too seriously. :)