Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Preparation for the filming

I was asked and I said 'yes'.

Airyoga offers online video classes. They also want to offer a video class - Ashtanga yoga, half primary. So I was asked if I'd like to be part of the show. What I couldn't forsee was that we would be so few yoginis. We'll be 3 people only to be precise. Our teacher, a yogi and a yogini (myself). Our teacher will lead us through the session. So we'll be 2 practitioners. Oh my.
Yesterday I realized to what I've said 'yes'. As we're only 2 yoginis who practice we'll get a lot of attention. That is I've to be really focused.
Make-up, yoga clothes by Mandala will make us look like perfect yoginis of the 21st century. :)

How to prepare?
1. I looked up the dristis (gazing point for each position). This is something I really miss when I see the practice of my colleagues. Some even close the eyes. So I want to show the correct dristis.
2. I won't eat anything anymore tonight. Weight is a key factor for a flexible practice.
3. Mentally I will think: It's like every day, a daily practice. Enjoy and relax.

Picture: Marichyasana D. This will be the last pose of the middle part.

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Debb said...

You will be delightful and inspirational to view, I'm sure. Please share in the future details how we can view?
Namaste, dear U...

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you Debb, I'll keep you updated. I guess it won't be for free. Airyoga produced this video. The shooting has been exhausting. We 2 couldn't hide it at the end of the session. It will be funny to watch the result.