Thursday, June 19, 2014

My personal Himalaya

The difference to climbing up the Himalaya is that I'm wandering downwards, not upwards. The hands want to reach the feet and finally also the elbows shall touch the floor.

The desperate question ' will I ever be able to do this pose' is dominating. Not when I practice this pose. Then I give my very best. I breathe and it feels so intensive, yet I have no clue how far I crawl down with my hands. So I had to take a picture again.
Yesterday I put the blocks behind my feet to create easier goals. To reach the blocks would be great already. Please might it happen soon. Hahaha.....

Very good is that I know now how to work. I press the knees  together. The chest is lifting. The elbows shall be parallel. To lengthen the body is important.

Very good is also that I get adjusted each time I do this pose in a Mysore class. This makes a difference!!!

My practice this morning was excellent. Tomorrow is a led class. Of course I'll go.

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