Sunday, June 15, 2014

Keep the fire burning

I love to watch the World Cup and especially I love to listen to the moderation if Oli Kahn is commenting. What can I learn from these world class players for my yoga practice, I wonder.
The match Netherlands : Spain ended 5:1 for Netherlands.

After the match  the world class goal keeper from Spain was judged. He must have been very very good for a very very long time, yet he lost drive. His body posture showed desperation. He had given up the match long before it was over. He rather showed that he was at the end and not hungry, aggressive, optimistic. Even I could see this. He looked as if he had enough from this show. He looked tired.

You must keep burning, Oli commented. Everybody who wants to win must keep the motivation high. This is very individual how this is accomplished. It's a topic for every player.

In yoga we don't have to win. It's not a match. We are alone on the mat. If we strive for intensity in our practices, we need to be motivated.

What motivates you to get up in the morning to practice Ashtanga yoga?
Is this motivation strong enough to bring you through the decades?
Answer these questions.......

Of course nobody has to practice Ashtanga yoga. One can also practice lame.

My experience is that when I'm able to put a lot of energy in my practice, the more satisfying it is.
I'm happy to experience a very motivated time for the time being.

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