Monday, June 30, 2014


I managed it to get up in the morning and I practiced. It was so hard, so painful, yet I couldn't make out where the pain was. The body felt stiff, poisoned. I did primary and this was it.
I wished I could understand this coffee machine here. I have the strange idea that a cup of coffee before my practice would help me to have a more pleasant practice.

Just doing it again and again every morning without trying to find reasons why it's bad and why it's good is indeed good advice.

We are masters in relaxation. We walk around here in  Varna, Bulgaria. We eat, drink, walk around. Today we chilled out at the beach. It's not so crowded like in Burgas where we've been last time.

I'm so amazed about the cats here. They are so many. Every day I take pictures of cats. The below picture has the title: Behind me the chaos. Who cares.

Soccer time now. Algeria and Germany play tonight.

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