Monday, June 23, 2014

Dhanurasana - how to get into the asana makes a difference

Dhanurasana is an asana of the second series. It's one of the poses that comes before kapotasana. It prepares for the deep back bending to come. The pose itself is a challenge. The knees shall be together. This repuires strength.

I was shown how to get into the asana and this makes a difference. First I keep the chin on the floor, while moving the legs upwards. This gives me stability. Then, when I've reached the limit I move the chest upwards. It's done with one inhaling.

How to get into an asana can make a difference. Try it.

Yesterday was Sunday and I practiced at home. I did second series only till kapotasana. Then I was done. I was so stiff. Every movement was an effort. Yet this lousy practice prepared the body for today. Today every pose felt good.
3 more practices at Airyoga with MSch this week, on Friday is a moon.

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