Friday, June 06, 2014

Concentration, contentment, discipline

Most of us are visual oriented. How does something look is important for us. This is in my opinion the reason why we are so focused on asanas. Today after the wonderful led class at Airyoga with MSch I had a juice drink at the Viktualienmarkt. A conversation developed with a man who owns a sports club. We laughed when he told that when he removed the mirrors in his studio he'd go broke.

Ashtanga yoga teaches me also mental skills that cannot be seen so quickly, yet they can be seen.

1. Concentration: I focus on my breath. I don't try to make extra movements, I keep my eyes calmly and gaze at a point. This requires mental strength. To concentrate means to eliminate distraction, noise. It's difficult as the asanas themselves to focus for some time.

2. Contentment. 
There are only few rules in yoga. Being content is no rule, rather a hint. Life is not perfect, it will never be. The performance of the asanas are not perfect, sometimes we criticize the weather. To develop an attitude of contentment is something that can be learned. It doesn't happen because of any event. We gaze at our toe in some asanas. We can also focus on parts of our lives that we like. From there we can start and see the beautiful things around us.

3. Discipline.
It's not only the discipline to get on the mat. In order to get up in the morning I have to go to bed on time. This requires discipline, too.  To eat healthy, which often implies to prepare the own meals, requires discipline, too.

Developing these 3 mental skills only make every life better.

Happy weekend.


Janneke den Dekker said...

I couldn't agree more. Definitely my philosophy for life. :) It was great finding your blog.

Ursula Preiss said...

You're welcome.