Friday, June 20, 2014

Ashtanga yoga - led classes give feed-back

Friday morning Airyoga offers a led class with Michael Schabort. We are led through full primary. Nothing is omitted. The rhythm is perfect. I know that not everybody loves led classes, yet I highly recommend it. One can get a feeling what Ashtanga yoga is. It guides. It inspires for the practices in the Mysore classes.

I realize that when practicing alone I hold the asanas shorter and I take more time to get into the asanas. I know this and I guess everybody has this tendency. Nevertheless I got so much better here as I'm able to perform all the asanas. Ashtanga yoga has rhythm. The vinyasa count is important. The consequent moving doesn't allow much thinking. This relaxes.

There a few asanas that challenge me a lot, not to do them, but to hold them:
1. Navasana. I cannot hold boat pose 5 times for 5 long breaths.
2. Headstand and then see picture. To get into the asansa is doable, but to hold it, seems very difficult. I fight and I often leave the pose while M is still counting. Oh my. I usually practice in the first row. When in headstand I can see the other yoginis falling out of the pose, one by one. I'm not the last who falls out.
3. I give everything to hold urdhva dhanurasana 3 times for 5 breaths. Afterwards follows chaturanga. One moves via a vinyasa to paschimottanasana. I omit chakrasana, it seems impossible. Next time in a Mysore class I'll integrate it. I can practice slower and this might help.
4. Uttplutihi. 5 breaths and  I sit again. All these mentioned poses require willpower, perseverance.

The classic jumping backwards and forwards between sides and asanas felt excellent today. It seems to me as if the body got new insights how to complete this vinyasa.

I sweated. To feel the own body water running down the body is an uplifting feeling.

This led class ended my yoga week. Tomorrow is my day off and on Sunday I'll practice on my own.

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