Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The mind only understands positive messages

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about not doing extra stretches. The mind hears 'extra stretches' and not the 'not'. So the blog post was written and I kneeled on a blanket to do ustrasana. Again and again. It felt good.

The first sentences might be the most important ones. Goals need to  be positive, wishes, too.
Don't even think 'I want to stop smoking' (if you smoke). Instead think: I want to breathe freely.
Don't think to omit milk products from your diet. Instead imagine what you want to eat.
It makes sense to observe the thoughts and to substitute negative forms with positive forms. It's an easy step with a huge effect.

These back bending asanas urdhva dhanurasana, laghu vajrasana, kapotasana are my Himalayas. I wish progress comes fast. It's just a wish. As always I have to be thankful for every tiny bit of inch that I can go deeper into these poses. And it's not only about flexibility. To come up from the poses requires strength. I work on that, too.

Back bending feels good. Super good when I'm out of the pose. Then the spine feels lively, warm.

My understanding about the poses is much better these days.
- Crucial is firstly the strength in front of the hips. They shall bring me up.
- And secondly it's to open the chest. I don't try anymore to reach my toes with my hands when I exercise kapotasana. I work on my hips and my chest. The rest shall just happen. I get adjustments always. This helps. Also the verbal address helps. It motivates to stay for another one or two breaths in the pose. This makes the difference.

I'm experiencing my most intensive yoga time. Being able to go to a Mysore class 4 times a week and having a led class once a week is so perfect. I am so happy about it.

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