Friday, May 16, 2014

Now it's too late

I got up at 5am.
Yesterday in the morning I had one of my last sessions at the dentist. It lasted 4 hours again. And I was exhausted afterwards. The pain killer helped me to have calm hours at home afterwards. It allowed me to sleep. I slept hours.
This morning I realized that I still have toothache. I could have taken another pain killer to have a relaxed led class. I'll take a pain killer but not to survive a led class. A led Ashtanga class is too exhausting. A Mysore class where I could follow my own slow rhythm would be doable, but not a led class. My body needs the energy for the teeth. I respect this. This is ahimsa, loving oneself.  There is one more session at the dentist and then I'll be through. Yesterday I saw  the x-ray of my teeth. They show it on a screen. The pictures were produced in March 2013. So more than a year my teeth kept me busy. It has been a great renovation.
What were the steps to a healthier mouth:
-Caries was removed. Absolutely necessary and overlooked by my former dentist. Change the dentist from time to time is my advice.
-Wisdom teeth were removed. One of the two looked awfully. It had a huge black spot. 'Be glad that you got rid of it,' the dentist said and I knew he was right. Getting teeth extracted is painful. Afterwards.
-Amalgam got removed that is all the fillings got removed. In my case this was necessary. The fillings were too old, some lived in my mouth for decades. They had tiny gaps. I'm astonished, I was very reluctant to get all the Amalgam removed, but it feels better. The mouth flora tastes better in general. It's subtle. As the fillings were so large already, I needed crowns. This  was a necessary step, too, an exhausting one. This caused the long sessions.
One of my rules in life: If something cannot be reversed,  think twice.
Nevertheless re my teeth it was almost impossible to make the best decision. I listened to the advice of the dentist. He recommended the master plan. Everything new. I told him that I wished to have a conservative treatment. I think he wanted to offer the best, what he thought makes me most beautiful.
I wouldn't  accept anymore to get crowns on teeth that were healthy only to make them all, only to offer a master plan, something perfect. I always wanted a conservative treatment, that is I wanted to get done what is necessary, nothing more. Also dentists are sales people. I should have discussed every single tooth.  I'm not 100% happy with the teeth in the upper jaw front. For me they look to massive, too dominant, too artificial. 'It looks very good', is the feed back also from honest people, but that's it, it looks good, it doesn't look like my own teeth anymore. Something new was created. I'll get used to it. Health had priority. And perhaps the dentist is right and it was better to make all. I don't know. It's waste of time now to try to answer this question.

I was smarter with my lower jaw. I fought for my own teeth. Nothing is more beautiful but nature. So yesterdays session was a bit less awful like the one where the dentist prepared the teeth in the upper jaw.  Only 8 teeth will get their crowns in the next sessions. I'm curious if he'll say again: 'These are your teeth now.' Then I'll be through.

I hope that I won't have to do anything else but cleaning for the next 30 years!!!!!!

When all will be done, I'll go out for dinner with my E. Teeth are our eating tool!!!!! I'll drink a glass of red wine to the food and then I'll forget about my teeth. As said, hopefully for the next 30 years.

Ekam........the led class has started. I smile. I step on the mat here, too......slow, attentive, modest are the words that will guide me through a yoga session.


Anna said...

Sometimes we have to know when to stop fighting for what we see as our ideal - life can become as we say here, like "wading through treacle" and you need to get out of that particular swamp. Yes, forget them... and on the positive side, now you can smile widely in America without them thinking, "oh, European teeth" :-))

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Anna. Hahaha, European teeth. Lol. Yeah, my teeth might look even posh. The dentist is convinced: Large teeth equals beauty. Just another view and other opinion. I'm so glad that I have so many interests, that my focus on teeth will fade away with time,simply because I have no time anymore.