Tuesday, May 06, 2014

No extra stretches

In one of the conferences in Mysore, India, Sharath said that no extra stretches or extra yoga sessions are necessary. The practice is enough.

Sometimes I like to do extra sessions and stretches, but I feel too weak. So it seems to me as if one intensive session in the morning is really enough. The wish to progress faster in back bending comes up. But I know I need my time.

Beside practicing there is a lot one can do to support the practice:
- to eat well
- to sleep long enough
- to rest
- being content and optimistic

All this supports the practice.

It was even mentioned that extra session enlarge the danger of injuries. I'm rather robust. Yet too much of anything has the potential to hurt.

So, also tomorrow I'll get up at 5am. At 6:30 I'll do my first sun salutations. At the end I'll do back bending. I always get very good adjustments. One session must be enough.

After yoga I often go to the Viktualienmarkt to have a pineapple drink there. The day starts then. To see all these vegetables and fruits pleases me.

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