Friday, May 23, 2014

Led class today - it's Friday

That's great, isn't it, little cat?

When I go to a led class the focus is the correct vinyasa count. One deep breath equals one movement.

Sooner or later one falls in love with the rhythm if one practices Ashtanga yoga. The breathing technique makes the difference to other yoga styles.

We so often focus on the asanas. Yet the technique of Ashtanga yoga is equally important. When I'm stuck in an asana I observe if my breath is correct. Also the correct dristi can be so helpful.

For me it will be a short practice, that is primary only and not till bakasana........nevertheless I'm challenged.
This primary ends an intensive yoga week. I managed it to practice 4 times by now. I had excellent practices and not so good ones.

Yesterday a muscled was slightly pulled at the lower back. I practiced very carefully. At the end all my cells seemed to be at the right place again and my body felt perfectly. What was I glad. I must have slept on the wrong side.

Enough. Time to dress, time to go........

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