Sunday, May 18, 2014

Back bending

Will it ever improve?
1. Hands are still too far away from the feet to be able to come up.
2. I need also more strength in the legs and hips. The legs pull me up.

I look at the picture and I create a plan of action: 
- My next step could really be to add an exercise when I practice this pose close to a wall. I could try to bring the chest to the wall.
- It could also be an idea to set a timer in order to hold the pose longer. This I can only do when I practice at home.
- Shall I trust in the visualization technique? Yes, yes.....

Good news is that this pose feels better than years ago.

There is such a gap between how it feels and how it looks. It looks so much more modest than it feels. This is why I love my pictures. They show me the truth. The truth: work harder when you want to come up from this pose.

This is how I spent my Sunday morning: I practiced Ashtanga yoga. It was a short practice, till kapotasana. I only practiced second series. Better a short practice than none at all.


Unknown said...

I don't know if you saw my backbend video on instagram or my facebook page, but your hands do not have to be that close to stand up. Your backbend looks about like mine and I can stand up with my feet flat. It is probably legs for you.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you! I saw your video. It looks as if it could be possible for me, too. I should indeed work on my leg strength and the movement that helps to come up. It looks rather that I have to think 'forward' instead of 'up'.