Monday, May 19, 2014

Ashtanga yoga - we work in all directions

My routines are not boring for me. The opposite is the case. I refine them here and then. They give me a structure. They allow me to fly through my days without making decisions again and again what to do next.
I got up at 5am. No discussion here. I had my black cup of coffee, the only one that I give myself every day. The wish to drink coffee during the day faded away. I check my Emails, shower, dress and 10 to 6 I leave my home.

I'm never the first at the Mysore class, yet one of the first.
My practice this morning was intensive. I had will power, focus, flexibility, strength. Wow. This can happen.

On the picture is paschimottanasana, a counter pose to urdhva dhanurasana. Ashtanga yoga is a balanced practice. If one is a good back bender one also has to work on twists and forward bending asanas. If one has no difficulties with forward bending asanas, but back bending, one has to work on those asanas, too. We work on being flexible in all directions. This also allows to experience all sorts of feelings....hahaha....

Right now I'm optimistic, in best mood........

After the Mysore class I stroll to the Viktualienmarkt to get a juice. I enjoy the juice and I enjoy how the day wakes up at this famous market.

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