Monday, May 12, 2014

A Monday practice

The weekend was a lazy one. On Saturday we were downtown. On Sunday we stayed at home, doing not much. In the evening I got a Pizza from the restaurant round the corner. I was not motivated to prepare much. We had strawberries as dessert. Just hanging up makes stiff. 'Stiff, stiff, stiff', was a title I could imagine while practicing this morning. I took it easy. Just doing it is it, was my credo and this entertained me when realizing that my discomfort tolerance was very low today. Just do it, do it, do it, do it.....

I work on back bending. I have an optimistic phase. Yet the week will be a short one. Tomorrow is another Mysore class. On Wednesday is a moon day. I plan to practice at home as I'll have a long long session at the dentist on Thursday. Friday is led class. I hope I'll be recovered by then. So, in order to progress I need to practice 6 times a week.

Back bending feels good. That is, afterwards. It is as if the spine gets puffed through. It feels like a massage.

I could take some pictures on the moon day. This seems like a good idea.

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