Thursday, April 10, 2014


This week is an excellent yoga week. Four times I went to a Mysore class. Tomorrow I'll participate in a led class. Today I had the feeling as if I have soft-boiled my body during the week and that I can reap from that work. The practice was easier like on other days.
My thoughts became more and more enthusiastic after my practice. As if it had happened already that I stood up from urdhva dhanurasana, so cheerful I was afterwards. It's possible, it's possible was my conviction. Thoughts change. I observe them and I enjoy the variety. I don't confuse them with the truth.

Today I realized how relatively far I went already. I was stiff and weak 11 years (!!!) ago. Many asanas seemed impossible. I can do them all. I achieved this because I kept practicing. Stamina is a key word. Perhaps also stubbornness. This is almost the American dream: From stiff and weak to flexible and strong. Haha.....
My first tip of the day: keep practicing. Progress cannot be seen in a few months only. What you might like today, you might like in 20 years, too. So work on it. Life is over when we are dead, not earlier.

During my Ashtanga yoga practice I breathe, I don't think so much. Afterwords I'm most of the time in best mood as written already. Where is the next horse to ride is my attitude. Bring it on.
The mind becomes active again. Ideas come up. Distraction is welcomed, too. I want to write, I want to take pictures, I want to do this and that.
Yet I also start thinking about my teeth. My long-term readers know that I had major issues. Five hours the dentist worked only on my upper jaw a few weeks back. It was exhausting, also psychologically. The treatment is not yet over. Yet I can already say how much yoga helped me. How? I learned to concentrate on the breath. This helps to relax and to forget all the other issues that occur in every life. It centers me. This shift in focus gives events that happen another priority. I'm not only my teeth. There are so many other things in life that deserve to be focused on.

Second tip: Find a real passion. Something you LOVE to do. It's the best medicine for everything.
In my case it's Ashtanga yoga and photography.


Shaz said...

Love this. I too am getting distracted in a good way, so much energy buzzing. Keep practicing!

Ursula Preiss said...

When we practice yoga, we train the body and the mind. We learn to concentrate and this helps in life in general.

Anna said...

I am beginning to wonder if some people just don't have a passion. I am curious about life - people, places, ideas, concepts, words, nature... but can't seem to choose to focus on one thing. Maybe I'm an observer rather than a doer. I wonder if this 'one passion' thing has been oversold to us.

Ursula Preiss said...

Can be Anna.

Even though I think your curiosity is your passion. :) This keeps you interested, this allows you to focus on something else but issues.

It keeps you lively.

Anna said...

I'm envious (I think) of those who have a passion - it certainly provides focus, a defined path through life and allows them to ignore a lot of extraneous crap :-)

It's a word that's so overused now. Businesses are 'passionate about our customers'; 'passionate about sandwiches' etc etc - makes me laugh. I think of passion more in terms of human relationships.

Ursula Preiss said...

In Germany we are not so passionate about everything. But I understand what you mean.

One shall not exaggerate with this word. Hahaha......

Anna said...

This photo would make a GREAT banner photo (and time for a change?) Your decision of course :-))