Friday, April 04, 2014

Mariychasana D in Valbonne

Finally we are in a hotel room that allowed a nice sweaty practice. I practiced primary and this has been challenging enough. We have the heater on, this helped as it's easier to move in warm rooms.

Outside it's raining. We don't care.

Rain means that we read and enjoy our time in restaurants. And I had time for the classic primary on a Friday.

Marichyasana D: The weight is rather on the right side (see picture). The weight of the body helps to bring the hip down. This is much easier than trying to press the bended leg down. I think this is an important improvement of the last years to understand where to shift the body weight.
The goal is to have the knee close to the floor and the hip, too.

Marichyasana D is one of the core poses of primary.

Oh oh, the Internet connection is so bad here that I stop writing. I hope the post is not lost.


yulang said...

Great! It is really hard for me to practice during the travel now. But nowadays I become more and more aware of my bad body&mind conditions on a day without practice, so maybe this will change in the future.

Enjoy your travel still!

Ursula Preiss said...

I feel the same. I feel so much better after practice.
Yet to practice in hotel rooms is often a real challenge.

On Sunday we'll be back.
The sun is out here now. It's very nice here.

Looking forward to practicing with you. :)