Saturday, April 26, 2014


Of course doubts come up. Will I ever be able to perform kapotasana? Will this pose be my last pose forever? I don't know the answer.

I do have a balanced practice. This is what counts for me these days. Almost every day, I practice first series and second series till kapotasana. Twists, forward bending asanas, inversions, balancing asanas and back bending asanas are part of this spiritual practice. My concentration improved a lot, so my strength and flexibility. Doubts are obstacles. During my practice they are absent. I do what is possible. At the end  of my daily practice when I do back bendings I have still mental strength to work on them with diligence. What is possible NOW is what counts every morning. Doubts come up when I sit at my desk. Hahaha.....and tomorrow I'll work on the pose again. :)

Yesterday I was at a led class. I could hold urdhva dhanurasna 3 times for 5 long breaths. I had will power. It was not easy.
Chakorasana afterwards was not possible.
Yet to hold urdhva dhanrusana, the bow pose that long will improve this pose. Many yogis/yoginis avoid led classes. I love them. In a led class one cannot cheat oneself. It's a reality check.
How fast can I go into an asana?
Can I hold it for 5 long breaths?
Can I follow the correct vinyasaa count?
In a led class I get answers to these questions.

Today I'm enjoying a yoga free day.

For tomorrow a practice is planned. And I want to take some pictures. Poses feel different than they look like. Pictures always help me to become realistic. They also motivate.
I know doubts are just thoughts. I don't confuse them with the truth. This is my way to handle them.

Practice, practice, practice..........

PS: The picture is taken yesterday in the morning when I come out of the subway. It's the Sendlinger Tor in Munich.


Unknown said...

I just posted a video on the Ashtanga picture Project Facebook page about Kapotasana that was amazing. Watch it and see if it helps.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you. Visualizing kapotasana surely helps, too. I love watching videos about kapotasana.

yulang said...

Right. What we can do is to believe. Don't stop. Move on!

Ursula Preiss said...

So true.

I think it's good that back bending is my last post. So I can really focus on it. I do. It feels a tiny bit better every day. :)