Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday morning practice

Yes, yes, yes, I practiced. At home. It motivates  me to think of my fellow yoginis and yogis. Thursday in a week I'll be ready again to join groups. I miss the Mysore class.

I practice less asanas these days, yet I see progress in other areas.
- My concentration has  improved. I don't take breaks. I keep practicing till the end. The huge advantage. My practice is done rather early of the day. This gives me time for all my other activities, duties, chores.
- Dristhis are so important:
1. Keeping the eyes calm and gazing at a point calms the mind. Yet not only this.
2. The correct dirsti help to align the asanas. I take care of the correct dristies.

I use no props, I don't do extra asanas and exercises anymore. It might make sense to do some, but in extra practices. These extra exercises during the practice spoils the rhythm. Breaks happen. In classes people walk around to get there blocks and straps. The atmosphere changes. It becomes turbulent.
I prefer an atmosphere so intense, so focused that one has the feeling that one can cut the air.

Sharath is an experienced teacher. In one of his last conferences he mentioned that any pose is possible, one only has to practice it long enough. Only yoga students who start at 80 with the practice might experience limits. Hahaha......I'm not 80 and I always moved.
I fight with back bending. Will kapotasana be able one day? Let's be optimistic. I'm not yet 80. Hahaha....

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yulang said...

I have to get my wisdom tooth on the right side removed. The dentist said, as soon as possible. I am still having great fear about it. Arf. Tooth problem is not easy.

Ursula Preiss said...

Dear Lang, if it's necessary then get it extracted. You'll get an injection. It's not a fun session. But you'll survive it. Afterwards you'll get pain killer.

Wisdom tooth are often extracted.
Good luck.