Thursday, March 06, 2014

I joined the club of the lonesome Ashtanga yoga practitioners.

Not voluntarily. Not to go to the Mysore classes at 6:30 is a huge exercise in detachment.

Last Thursday I had a session at the Dentist: Duration 5 hours.
Now my gums must heal. Till the last session isn't over I don't feel ready to present myself in a Group. It has been a difficult decision. Yet it's the one I feel best.

At 5am my Alarm clock woke me up. At 6:30 I was on the mat. It's 9am now and my practice is done. I had Focus, I was concentrated. I practiced what I usually practice, too. Not getting the adjustments in back bending will slow down the Progression enormously. I consider a short back bending practice in the evening to compensate.

I'm happy with my new PC. It's a new start. No mess on it. Hahaha......
On Saturday the latest Lightroom will get delivered. Then new Pictures will accessorize my blog Posts.

Next step:
I must teach my PC not to make all These capital letters.


chicandfrog said...

I so ammire your discipline! I am still fighting to get an estabilished yoga routine at home.


Ursula Preiss said...

It is easier to practice in a group. Don't give up. You'll learn how to motivate yourself in general.