Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hotel rooms

Above is Bern, Switzerland. It has been the view out of the huge window yesterday. Just behind the window I could practice. I even did. That is I exercised the sun salutations, standing asanas. When I arrived at paschimottanasana, I gave up. I was so stiff. Stiff, stiff, stiff. Sometimes the sentence 'It hurts so good' is so true. Sometimes it hurts so awfully. The discomfort is so awful sometimes, it's almost not understandable. I moved my body a bit. This was my first practice this morning during our short trip to France.

Six more self-practices shall follow.

In the meantime we are in Lyon, France.  Below is the view out of the window.

The hotel room is so cute. With a lot of imagination and when I move the suitcase in front of the door and the chair under the desk, it could be possible to roll out my mat. I'll program my unconsciousness when in bed. Shall I get up tomorrow morning and shall I practice. It will be difficult to practice in the deep valley next to the desk and the bed. No complaints. I love to be here in France, Lyon.

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