Friday, March 14, 2014

Ashtanga yoga: You must fall in love with the rhythm

Friday around the world Ashtanga yoga practitioners practice primary, often in a  led class. After an intensive week it's good to slow down and to practice familiar poses. The body is exhausted after a week. It's protects from injuries to slow down at the end.

Focus in the led classes is the vinyasa count that is a speciality of Ashtanga yoga. 
Vinyasas are the knots between the pearls, they are the movements between the asanas. They are as important as the asanas.

Practicing the correct vinyasa count doesn't allow to dawdle or to dream. Consequently it brings you to the mat mentally. This calms, despite the effort the body has to do. No self-made issues, no to do lists, just the next movement, the next breath is important.

I'm through primary. It was again a lonesome ride.
I miss the led class.

I'm happy that I'm so disciplined that I practice.


So much I want to do today  that I feel almost paralysed. I remember how it goes to make my life easy. One task accomplished is wonderful. And what task shall this be?  I will bring discarded clothes to a friend. 2 bags full of pullover, dresses, trousers and scarves will leave my home today. My life becomes simpler and simpler with less things. This feels so good.


Quentin said...

Just wonder if you count in sancrit during the practice?

Ursula Preiss said...

I don't count, Quentin. I match breathing with movement. I take care not to do extra breaths.

I hold the asana for 5 breath, I do this without counting. I know, feel how long this is.