Friday, March 21, 2014

Ashtanga yoga to calm the mind....

Primary today. Just this.

One movement, one breath. This is concentration. This calms.

The eyes gaze at a point and don't move. This stops thinking, too.
The breath is even. And deep.
No music.

Despite or because of this exhausting practice, finally it's calming, it relaxes mind and body.

My concentration got better, for sure. I start the practice and I leave the mat when the last asana is done. No breaks anymore.

It's an old question: How to calm the mind. The mind is active all the time, even when we sleep. Usually we have to learn methods to relax. The activity of the mind is not bad per se. The issue is many confuse the thoughts with the truth. Then they get involved. Knowing that the thoughts are fiction also helps to let go and to relax.

Being relaxed feels good. And I feel good. Same to you. Happy weekend for everybody.

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deva yoga said...

Yes one movement one breath is the key point to concentrate in yoga. When I mind is not stable and feel like that Mind is not working. this yoga exercise helps me. It create magically effect and I calm down frequently. How ever it needs to do more practice to get desired results. bust daily practice you can become master in it. Now I am learning past life regression technique. It was amazing yoga.