Sunday, February 16, 2014

Will it ever improve? kapotasana

Yes I practiced.

Insight: If I don't focus on back bending it will never improve.

The method how I exercise these days is convincing. Even better, I get always support when I'm in a Mysore class and the adjustments are safe, experienced, supporting. I'm more than happy about this.

1. The front of the leg is engaged. I want to come out of the pose, too.
2. It's about stretching the body upwards. One must create length.
3. The chest shall open.
4. Elbows remain together.

Not to drop back too early is a trick to learn the pose

The picture tells me that when I bend backwards, I cannot really bring my arms backwards, too. Should I work with weights?

No, I don't give up, but it will take years.......I so want to speed up this process......:)


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Ursula Preiss said...

Back bending keeps us young....

How is your arm?
Can you practice again? I hope so.