Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's Sunday. All shops are closed in Germany today. It's raining. I got up early, that is about at 7am. I'm happy with my work of last week. It satisfies me that I got done so many things. Finally I found again the boxes by Roessler. I still need more, but those I got yesterday already helped me to store my pictures in a beautiful way. Decluttering, cleaning, repairing, organizing - these are the main steps to a home where one wants to live. These are the steps to a simple beautiful life. So good that I've reached the last step 'organizing' already. Yet decluttering and cleaning are ongoing activities.

Yesterday I saw 'Le passé', a French movie directed by an Iranian film maker. The houses shown in the movie were full of stuff. It looked very lively. People live here, was my impression. Yet it looked chaotic, too. The movie was a relationship drama. Behind me a woman cried, one could hear her sobbing. On my right side sat a woman drinking Beck's beer. This herb smell was in my nose in alteration with the intrusive smell of popcorn that came from the left side. I regret it that the sizes got bigger and bigger here. Now we've American sizes, what means that people can eat as long as the movie lasts. One can hear the rustling when the always hungry ones have finished the huge bags. Going to the movies is always also a group experience.
So glad that I have no relationship drama. This allows me to focus on art, reading, yoga, you name it. And I can focus on loving instead of being distracted by issues like jealousy, getting over lost lovers, difficult children. It's a wide-spread error that lives without drama are boring. They are not.

It's yoga time......a home practice is on the schedule. 
In a blog post on a conference with Sharath I learned that Sharath is convinced that if one practices an asana long enough one can learn any pose (except if you're 80+). Yes, this makes me optimistic that my back bending will improve and that one day I'll be able to do kapotasanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Debb said...

Your words share such wonderful wisdom about living a more simple life. You live life with awareness, so different from judging. Judging leads to negative thoughts and feelings, which take so much of our daily energy. And, best of all, you, dear U, inspire me to live a life filled with contentment rather than anxiety.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you so much, Debb. I so appreciate your compliments.

I don't want to judge others, ohhhhh, I do know my own shortcomings.

Fears are often just inspire me for another blog post. Imagine: I feared not to have a place where to practice yoga in our new home....:) I feared this. I do have place.:)

Anna said...

Can't help but judge those who eat non-stop in the cinema and slurp buckets of coke and talk and rustle all the sweet wrappings - aaargh. Going to the cinema can be a real ordeal for those who wish to concentrate, to lose themselves in a film.

And hurrah for the non-drama relationship - so essential to a profound and simple life..