Monday, February 17, 2014

One practice every day seems to be enough

I feel so very good after the Mysore morning practice that my mind is planning another session in the evening. When it is evening I realize that one intensive yoga session is enough for me.

Possible would be some preparation asanas for meditation. That's it.

It seems to be more realistic to do another urdhva dhanurasana against the wall during my morning session than to start freshly in the evening if I want to do a bit more.
Shall my morning practice be enough.

Back bending cannot be avoided good. I get adjustments, my understanding deepens.

In real life it might make sense to focus on the own strength.
In Ashtanga yoga we work on many aspects, on our strength and on our weaknesses, strength and flexibility, back bending - forward bending. There is something for everybody to be challenged. It's program not to omit anything.

Ushtrasana: the hands are on the side not on top of the feet.

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