Friday, February 14, 2014

Moon day

Moon day.
It's still early morning. The sun is out and illuminates the chimneys on the roofs. It promises to become a wonderful day.

I won't practice today, because it's a moon day and these days I respect the tradition rather because it's fun and because  I need time than to be convinced of any consequences because the moon is full or new. However, I'm busy and I enjoy that I have so much energy.
Yesterday I watched TV on my PC. It was a documentary: A woman, a few years older than me only, moved to Thailand. She wanted to have affordable ambulant care. She was preparing for death. I know, I know it's good to see that life is limited. It intensifies life. Realizing the end of this journey through life is a good adviser, too. It helps to make decisions abaout what is important and what not. Don't postpone anything anymore, I think, tomorrow it can be too late.
This woman was courageous. She has never been in Thailand, only knew it from pictures on websites. She gave up everything to move to that home which was still under construction. Two thumbs up.
Yet I still feel so in the middle of life. Perhaps because I'm healthy and because I want to learn so many asanas and because I want to take so many pictures. To move to an old-pension home to get care would be much too early. Looking up to the sky, sending a 'thank you' to the source.

Moon day.
Today I have to clean the old flat. I want to start with the bathroom. At 2pm I've an appointment here. The grips of the old blinds need repairing. My trick to get me going today: Reward is a movie I want to see, a French one, 'Passé.

Future music: Yesterday the consumption of the water was measured. Usually a person has to be at home so that someone has access to the water meter. In the future this will change. One can measure via funk. This is an advantage. I mean all the time that is lost because people have to be at home. I gossiped a bit with the man, I mean he was talkative. This human contact of course is missed then. But those who love to talk will always find people for a chat.

Ah, the good..........

PS: Happy Valentines for those who need a day to get reminded that loving what ever, who ever is what makes life so wonderful.

Yoga posts will come again, they will.......


Guidance By Selênê said...

Happy Moon Day! Same here, keeping it simple today with some meditations and a clear focus, a beatiful day all round!

Enjoyed reading the story about the lady who went to live in Thailand, Home is where the Heart is sprang to mind :-)

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you.

Focus helps always. Simplicity is beauty.