Thursday, February 13, 2014


Busy, busy.... it's myself who gets me going and nobody else, this is the very good point. I respect my basic needs. I take breaks when I need them. I eat well. My meals are finished when I'm full, when my stomach had time to start digesting the food and not after 30 min (that short was my lunch break in companies).

Yesterday Mr R came to hang up the curtains. It lasted 4 hours! Hahaha......I always underestimate how long things last. We talked a lot about traveling, living, and how to furnish homes. We're both a fan of Southern Europe life style. To work 4 hours in the morning, then having a long siesta and working again in the evening is a life style that respects basic needs of human beings. I'm very happy that I can rest these days when my body or mind needs it. I can, but I also like to get things done. So I work and reach my limits. The more beautiful are the breaks. They feel deserved. Hahaha.....

The curtains hang now and I love it, I've privacy again, when I want it. Many of my neighbours don't care. I do.

This was my only important appointment yesterday.

Today I have 2 important to-do items on my list: 
Taxes and cleaning the bathroom of the old flat. It has to be done!!!!!! I try to motivate myself.

Right now I'm waiting for the man who will check the water consumption.

I hope I will find time for a practice at home!

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Anna said...

I'm sure I should have been born in Southern Europe...