Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I overslept

I'm not amused, not at all. I overslept and I was so looking forward to the Mysore class. I tell myself that I needed that sleep, which is probably true. I'm sipping my second cup of black bitter coffee to wake up. Also for today I have a long to do list. This moving project is much more time-consuming than I thought it would be. I'm still busy to forward my new address to companies, insurances.

In the middle of the day I wonder: What have I done so far. It seems as if it's nothing even though I'm busy all the time. Everything takes longer than estimated. An example: I've a mobile phone. Yes, an old-fashioned one, I scarcely use it, but one needs it, for sure. This company has yet updated my name either. I called them. First one is in a waiting loop. Finally I got forwarded to a person. He gave me an Email where I should send the marriage certificate from 2012. I did it. The Email was a dead Email, google couldn't send it. I called again. Again I explain my issue. I was told to go to a shop to update my data. The woman read all the streets of shops in Munich. I realized which one is close. So next step was to walk to that shop. It was close, 10 min walking distance one way. There I had to fill in a form. The clerk faxed my document. Within 10 days my data shall be updated now. I trust. Hahahaha.......
In sum it took me more than 1 hour. Only one hour I think now, it felt much longer.

Right now I feel very motivated to update my data at the insurance companies.

Simplifying my life is still one of the main topics.
Everybody who moved tells me that one throws things out when packing and one throws things out when unpacking. I experience the same. I get an overview of my things and realize what I need and what not.

What left me today:
1. A Levis jeans jacket. I don't like it, it's too rough for me. It goes to R..
2. This brown pair of trousers has to go, too.
3. Two sun protection lotion. I read that one should keep them for a year only. Mine were older. Away with it.

How to organize clothes?
I live in a cold country. I might love skirts a lot, but fact is I wear more often pair of trousers due to the weather. I have jeans, I have winter pair of trousers and those for summer time and those that belong to suits. There are hangers that allow to hang 5 together. This is a space-saving solution. It's also a solution that helps to limit this sort of clothes.

I'm on my way to become an expert in decluttering, cleaning and organizing........

It's 8:30. Usually I'm through my practice. I'm not calm enough to practice here. I've so much to do. I start now.

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Laura D said...

It's easy to beat yourself up when accidents happen, like sleeping in. But it important to practice yoga always, especially to yourself and especially off the mat. You have much to be grateful for- celebrate!

Also, from my own experience if everything takes longer than your expect, you might need to adjust your expectations :)