Wednesday, February 05, 2014

All books are in boxes.

All books are in boxes. I filled 13 more today. It has been a dirty work. So much dust was everywhere. R came again to pick up the stuff that I discarded and that she can sell. The revenue goes to Africa, Ghana. I also gave her my coffee machine that I never used. I filter my coffee. I'm not such a fan to use a machine for every little task.

My part is done for now.

Tomorrow strong men will come and they will move all the boxes, the 3 tables and the Indonesian chest. 3 shelves will survive the move, too.

I know that I'm not lazy, yet I felt reluctant to pack. So I wondered why. My issue was that I always feared to put too much stuff in the boxes. I care for the backs of those who do this heavy job. I'll tell them tomorrow to open the boxes and to make 2 out of 1 if they are too heavy.

Sometimes I wondered if I were crazy to schlep so many things in bags to the new flat. Yet it made sense. The rooms are full of boxes only with the books.

Tomorrow I'll go to yoga first.The Mysore classes are too good, I don't want to miss a single one.
My E is so nice and he'll be on time in the flat to open the door for the packer. I can join a bit later.
My work starts again when the flat is empty. Then I can clean it. And I can unpack the boxes in the new flat. That is only a few I can unpack as we still need shelves.

I had to check it. Exactly 20 years I lived in the flat that we're leaving now. It has been my first flat with 2 rooms. And I so loved my little balcony.

A bye-bye ritual will happen......probably a  last photo shooting in the empty rooms......


Anna said...

It's easy to put your back out packing and shifting so you are wise to be cautious. Can't wait to see a few pics of your new flat. How did you find it? What made you want it? We've just rented a flat in the South of France starting October - so exciting. Discarding every day :-))

babYpose said...

Care for the back is important, there is a way to pick heavy stuff, but sometime too rush to think to do the right way, it is a nice view, hope you move to a better one, enjoy mysore.