Monday, February 24, 2014

A new week is ahead.

Last week 4 Mysore classes and 1 led class happened.
I guess this week it will be 4 Mysore classes. I'll tell later in this week why.

I got stronger already. I practice till bakasana these days. It is enough.
I have a balanced practice with forward bending, back bending, inversions, twists and balancing asanas. I'm more than happy that I get help in kapotasana. On Thursday I had a highlight. Supta vajrasana was very good. I could still touch my feet when bending backwards. This asana has been never that good. That is back bending is improving. I practice correctly........

Relaxed start in the week for everybody.

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Sophia Davis said...

Reiki helps restore balance and being balanced helps maintain normal functioning. It provides deep relaxation and offers the body the life force energy where it is needed.