Saturday, February 01, 2014

A curtain day....

Yesterday was a curtain day. After yoga I had an appointment with the man who wanted to fix the curtain rods in our flat. It took the entire day till they were up. On one side he hit an electric wire. An electrician had to come to repair it. It was all not dramatic. If one thing gets done every day I'm happy. Yet I couldn't do anything else yesterday. No single box was packed. It should be so. 

To have curtains in our new flat was my first wish. A place is so much more cosy when nobody can look into the own home. Some of my neighbours don't care. I do. 

Since I need curtains I also got interested how others decorate their windows. I found out that one can really live some creativity here and one can express oneself. Tell me what curtains you have and I tell you who you are. Enjoy my findings.


Anna said...

Yes, I need curtains to enjoy cosiness and privacy. Just been watching the Danish drama, The Bridge - those Danes seem to live with completely bare windows - even at night??!!

Ursula Preiss said...

I saw this in Denmark, too.
It's a different life style.

I think rather: my home is my castle.
It's a place to relax, not everybody needs to see this.