Friday, January 24, 2014

Yoga and moving to a new place - this is my focus in January.

In short:
Yesterday I slept in.
It turned out to be a day of packing and carrying things to the new home.

Just returned from the led class. I'm challenged.

I'm waiting .....I had not ended the sentence, when the door bell rang. Waiting has an end now. The heavy smokers picked up the mattress.

The details:
Yesterday I woke up so well-rested. It was bright day. I knew at once I had slept in. Also good, I tried to convince me. I hurled myself into work, packed suitcases, discarded old stuff, carried bags to the new flat.

Yet today I made it to the led class. Once I read: you must fall in love with the rhythm. That's what a led class is about: the rhythm. I so enjoyed it.

Last night was the last night here. After almost 2 decades I move out from here.
We'll have a calm place. My sleep got light. I'm looking forward to sleep well again, because no cleaning cars start working just after midnight. Yes, it is exciting to move after so many years having lived at the same place.

There is so much to do, that I even neglect my blog, taking pictures. I focus. I must focus to get things done.

This was it already, must go on........


Anna said...

Wow, 20 years in one place... Makes your move even more exciting. Schlafen Sie gut!

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you and your dear E... Yes, 20 years in one place! I would love to see photos of you in the new place (when you are settled, of course). I wish you energetic creative days for your move! And, remember to infuse your movements with the breath.. that will provide the needed clarity and energy.
Namaste, Debb

Evangelista Nick said...


Quentin said...

Nice. Move safely and hope new place has more space for Ashtanga yoga and photography. Sleet and snow here. Not cold enough to stick. As for me, less yoga and more of crossfit.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Evangelista Nick.

Keep moving, Quentin.