Friday, January 10, 2014

Wow, this is what I call a led Ashtanga class

It's Ashtanga yoga tradition to have a led class on Friday. Primary is practiced on Friday around the globe.

MSch led us through primary today, with perfect speed and perfect vinyasa count. One reason for the led class is to practice according to the correct vinyasa count.

During a led class one must listen and one must practice according to the announcement of the teacher. One doesn't practice re the own rhythm. One word was enough and everybody understood. Ashtanga yoga is not about talking, it's about doing. Ashtanga yoga is also a teaching method (few teacher understand this)

No vinyasa was omitted.
No variation were offered. No bloody beginner was in class, too. Beginners better learn the asanas in Mysore classes, where the asanas are shown individually.
No little breaks were made.

I had a perfect led class today and I'm more than happy. I'm enthusiastic.
The practice almost killed me. This translates: I was challenged. At home I slept, a few hours. But as my sleep is not so good lately, I appreciate it when I can sleep. Then I also need it. Oh, it's 1:30pm now. Who cares. My work doesn't run away from me.

Tomorrow my mind and my body deserve a day off.


LI Ashtangini said...

Bloody beginners? :(

Ursula Preiss said...

There is nothing bad to be a bloody beginner.
Yet a led class with all the asanas like supta kurmasana is not safe for beginners. It's best to learn the series step by step, asana after asana.
If someone has not the patient for this, a lot of other yoga styles are on the market.
Ashtanga yoga is also special how it should be taught and learned.
Namaste. Ursula

Boodiba said...

Actually I started out in led classes at Crunch. I went to led primary 2-3x a week for like 4 years before I got coerced into my first mysore class. It was funny b/c I had to be strongly scolded into doing up to Kapotasana, which I only wanted to do every once in awhile.

Because I learned at a gym the whole concept of preciousness & poses was alien to me. I had zero pose lust! It also took me a long time to realize & understand the teacher worship thing. I saw my yoga teachers for a long time as any other gym class teachers.

V said...

'Bloody' is a derogatory term.

Ursula Preiss said...

Oh boodiba.....:) :)....

It was the same with me. Yet I saw in Gokulam that another start is better. Ashtanga yoga is special. Most teacher mix Ashtanga yoga with other styles (flow yoga, Jivamukti). Perhaps it was necessary 10 years ago. Yet I think in big cities like Munich there is an Ashtanga yoga community, one has not to compromise.

Finally we have a teacher here who teaches like in Mysore.

I see so many mistakes in poses when I look at other yoginis. And me too, I learned a lot rather late, only because an asana was never shown correctly to me. This is also not possible in a led class.

The longer I practice Ashtanga yoga the more I also like the teaching method.

Of course there is also the 'teacher worship thing'. I usually have one teacher and this is it. I'm more than happy that MSch came to Munich. Many go every day to another class, then they do workshop. Yet I cannot realize that the yoga practice improves.
Daily practice is it.

Ursula Preiss said...

Oh, thank you, V., I didn't know this. In German it simply means that you start from scratch. I'll change it. Thx.

Boodiba said...

When I learned, more gyms in NYC featured Ashtanga. It's rare now. Ashtanga has seemingly been on the decline here. But in any case, I was a young worker-bee, not making much $. I was paying $600 a year for my gym membership, which is NOTHING. We had straight-up led primary classes that were - in my opinion - MUCH better than the led primary in Mysore. Less crowded, slower count, overall better.

Back then I wasn't interested in any form of yoga that took itself seriously, and there was none of that in class. It was better for me that it was in a gym. I've said it before, but the Crunch motto of "No judgements" was more in effect than in any, pure Mysore room I've been in. So for me it worked.

It was a fraction of the price. It was just a part of my workout regime. It was not evangelical.

Ursula Preiss said...

Interesting, boodiba.

More and more I see how much a teacher influences the character of a class, even a led class.

Was in bed already yesterday.