Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Very content

I'm sitting on a wooden step in our new home. We still lack chairs. The steps are hard and I sit a bit high, so I have to look down to the screen. Who cares. I feel excellent. NOW. Feelings can change fast. This morning I thought after a vinyasa where my feet were sliding slightly on the floor: This practice makes me so modest. Yet being modest is also a great feeling! It motivates to keep learning.

Yesterday I felt exhausted. I was in the old flat and I put books into boxes and I saw no progress at all. This cannot be, I thought. This chaos here will never end. After 3 boxes I packed a bag to carry things to the new flat. This is not good for my back bending asanas, I thought from having left the old flat till I arrived at the new flat. I underestimated the amount of work that is to do when moving (after almost 2 decades).

I so love to live here and this is an understatement. To know that I've a home where I feel at home, makes me feel at home in a holistic way. Hahaha......

January was indeed dedicated to moving and yoga.
In February it will continue, yet I also want to get back to taking pictures. Then posts on yoga will come again. Time for checking my to do list and then ACTION.

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