Wednesday, January 01, 2014

There must be room for new things, new events, new adventures

What have I done on the first day of the year 2014?

I decluttered. I created room. I made my life simpler. I exercised to let go.......

Sometimes I wonder if post on this topic are really of interest. Again and again I see that many people should be interested in this topic.
We move and yesterday I cleaned the floor of our new basement. It's a little space with a gutter around. Next to our space others have stored there stuff.  I saw the space of the other people who live in that house. They are full from floor to ceiling and some even use the aisle. I cannot imagine that people know what is in all these boxes.

It's a better feeling to have everything that one needs than to have too many things.

Decluttering has 5 steps for me: 

First step: Plan a bit. What do you want to declutter? It can be a drawer. In my case it was the basement where we live since 15 years. Sometimes we have 25 min and we can use this for decluttering. Yet I wanted to go through every box that I found there. I wanted to empty this space.
Nevertheless I structure the time. I work 25 min, take a break of 5 min and work another 25 min. Most boxes belonged to E, so we worked together.
Second step: The second step is indeed to make decisions fast. So many memories come up when going through this old stuff. Almost lost things are found again. Yet my tip here, don't read old stuff, don't distract. Make quick decisions what to keep and what to throw out.
In our case we found a lot of stuff that was simply garbage. Then there was the stuff that we don't use anymore like skis. Away with it. Yet we also found documents. They need another place but the basement.
Third step: Things must get out of the house. Papers and  small items can get in the garbage can. Yet we have so much that we have to drive it to a waste dump. Don't waste your time with selling garbage. It used up already enough from your precious time.
Fourth step: The room can be cleaned.
Fifth step: Enjoy the result. Celebrate it. Realize that room was created by you. You let go of a lot of burden that was carried around. Stop. This is great. Realize it.

We were so good today, that I don't know what to put in the new basement. Hahaha......not really a problem. I'm sure things will show up that will love to live in the basement on the shelf that I will put there.

Today was a moon day. Ha, a day off from asana practice for us Ashtangis. This too is an exercise of letting go, of detachment.


MayJay said...

I always appreciate your posts as a reminder to do my own "letting go"
Happy New Year :)

Ursula Preiss said...

Happy New Year, MayJay.

Yep, it's not only things we can "let go".

Anna said...

I thought you must have moved by now! A great new start in a new home. Is it in Munich? Are you excited?

Ursula Preiss said...

Of course I'm excited, Anna. After almost 20 years to move to another place is a highlight.

My mind is busy with organizing everything (all night long). During the day I work on all the activities that need to be done. By end of March we hopefully will be there, yes, it's in Munich not so far away from where we live now.
Moving is my project #1.

kalavathi said...

Hello. I have only just come across your blog and I love this post. It is so true how your surroundings and what you choose to have around you affect you. I trained in an ashram in India and many mornings in the relaxation after our asana practice our teacher would remind us that if we were feeling out of sorts we should tidy up our room, tidy up our desk and it would help us tidy up our mind! I once had to store all my things at a friends house whilst I lived elsewhere for about a year. When I got them all back I realised that I did not need any of them - they were nice but not necessary - this is a good exercise to learn - Aparigraha - detachment :) It feels a bit wierd leaving a message for someone who does not know me so if you want to know who is leaving a message on your page you can find out about me here - nice to meet you! Kalavathi