Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Priority to project #1: moving

I overheard the alarm clock this morning at 5am. Even at 8am I felt still so tired. I missed yoga. Then it is so, I thought.

Also this day was dedicated to our move. Just this.
I want to see progress, yet it hides.

Living means for most of us also:
- decluttering
- cleaning
- organizing.

Being good at these activities are skills. I know experts and those who have no clue.

Even when we've only a rice bowl, it needs to get cleaned from time to time. We've to put it somewhere, too.

Some people might be able to delegate all this. Nevertheless also an office person or a craftsman has tools to perform his/her job. And these tools require the 3 steps.

Today cleaning used up my time: Checking google first makes sense so often. Parquet flooring needs special treatment if one wants to have joy with it for a long time. Main mistake seems to be that people clean the wooden floor too wet. There are dump towels on the market. They even oil the floor softly. :) We live in a specialized world.

Cleaning familiarizes me with a surrounding.
What I'm able to do, I can easily delegate. I can show how to do a task, I also know how long it takes till it's done.

Cleaning can be very meditative.
To have a clean environment is beautiful.

Tomorrow is a moon day. This means I can work again intensively on project #1.

Oh, oh, space is getting less. We just returned. We need space here for the boxes. So our Arabic sitting cushions had to go to the new place already. Good to have an opportunity to sit there. I put all the food ingredients in the cupboard and I realize I still have too much. I've too many sorts of noodles. To have 2 in store is enough. I'll use them up (to create space). Hahaha......

Enough for today.


Anna said...

How exciting to have a new canvas on which to paint your life! Yes, keeping your environment clean, and tidy is a noble endeavour! I love simple, natural cleaning - hot soapy water, pure soap (love those blocks of Marseille soap that are made by an ancient method), essential oils, etc. etc. Don't bring any synthetic chemicals into the home. Bliss! I have some of my best ideas while washing the dishes!

Ursula Preiss said...

I've now a dish washing machine, but I won't use them. My dishes have gold rims. They were made when dish washers didn't exist yet....

Cleaning is a very rewarding activity. Afterwards everything is so clean. Haha....but it's true, one can see and smell the difference, this is nice. There is a before and after.

While cleaning the rooms, I also get to know every corner. It's a nice approach to a new place.