Thursday, January 16, 2014

One step at a time - one piece at a time - decluttering day.

Decluttering first. Decluttering is creating space. I've 5 tea/coffee services. My favorite one is already in the new flat. I use it. I've 4 more services.
One is Zen like with only 4 cups and a teapot.
Another one is white with a gold rim and I inherited it.
The next one has grey design and is very good to use.
The last one is beautiful, but the cups are difficult to hold due to the grips. The intention of the creator might have been to make a special form. That people want to use the cups might have been forgotten.

Which one shall go? 

I'll take pictures of the services, what a glorious idea. Hahaha.......

R will come today again. She sells my stuff at a flea market. The money goes to Africa/Ghana. This makes it easier to let go yet it's still not super easy.

A picture says more than 1000 words, here are my goodies:

This one has grips that are difficult to hold. It has to go.....

I'm not so convinced of the design. Yet I used the cups this morning for the coffee. My favorite cups are already in the new flat. To be useful makes survival more likely, being beautiful alone is not enough, at least this is true for my cups and pots.

This tea service has to go. For sure. There are only 4 cups. Yet not having it will give me a bit more space, too. It adds up. I had given it to my mother 30 or 40 years ago. She gave it back to me last year. Did she need space?

This one is inherited. I seem to love gold rims. The plates don't look so beautiful anymore, the gold is washed up. Yet I guess I'll keep it and I'll put it at a place where it's difficult for me to use it. Hahaha.....

Oh, we've still more cups cups cups.......These ones were a present. I love African design. We have not used them. Bye-bye, my love to you is not so strong that I want to keep you.

Comments of E.:
1. You have issues.
2. Throw a coin.
3. All is good as long as you won't throw away my books on physics.

Space in our society is expensive. We have less and less.......I'm creating space.
I think I know more already than a few hours back.

The approach to take pictures was helpful.
I'm also a practical person. If it's not comfortable to hold a cup, the design is bad. This thing has no use then. It has to go. This is the consequence.

Today is a moon day. Yepeeee. This is a day off from yoga for those who practice Ashtanga yoga.
Action. Things must be packed.

Yoga posts will come soon again, promised!


Anna said...

You're doing very well with the process - keep it up! What a great arrangement to sell at the market for others to benefit... Wish I knew someone who'd do that. Our charity shops here are starting to feel just like ordinary businesses - the best donations end up on Ebay and the rest is just high priced tat that mostly pays for the organisations costs.

Ursula Preiss said...

The process is not easy, yet I go through every thing I have. I guess I'll still have too much.

It is so necessary to do this. Stuff can steal one's life, for sure. It can keep us busy.
The goal is to have everything that one needs, but not a tiny bit more....:)