Monday, January 20, 2014

On presents

How does it come that I've so many many things? This question comes up.

- Many things that I have here are presents. There is the unspoken rule that one doesn't throw away presents. With the years these presents become more and more. They sit in the wardrobe, sleep in the drawer, dawdle in the basement, in the storage room, present themselves on shelves. One must let go of the concept that one has to keep presents forever. Nothing is forever. Exchanging presents is a game. Sometimes the giver finds the perfect gift, sometimes not. However things come to us, they can have a life span, a beginning and an END.

- I found out that I buy a lot of things because I cannot say 'no'. When I'm in a store for too long and when the salesperson is not too unfriendly, I feel almost obliged to buy something. I also cannot say 'no' to the hairdresser. I don't use this foam for the ends of my hair that I bought months ago. I'm convinced that if one eats well one has healthy beautiful hair. The woman who polishes my nails is a good sales person, too. I'v minimum 5 lotions and butter for hands and feet. I will learn to say 'no'.

- Sort of presents are also all the things that one gets if a person leaves this world. Then we inherit a lot of things. My advice: if possible take the brilliant, the ruby (not Rupee), the emerald . That's it. Things that are inherited are even more difficult to give away. The bowls from grandma - who can give them away? Only a psychopath, a person with no feelings at all, isn't it?

I got up this morning and went to the Mysore class. I practiced primary and I was happy about it. It has been a perfect start of my day. My body felt good despite the break of almost a week. To practice so early in the morning (6:30) seems to be a secret. On the mat nothing is important but the asanas, the correct vinyasa count, the even breath.

Now I sit here. In the chaos. Whatever I do here, I have the feeling the chaos gets worse. This cannot be. Yet it feels so. The first boxes are packed. Declutter more, I tell myself. Every thing counts. It adds up. I want a simple life.


Anna said...

Keep going! The objects *aren't* the loved ones - they live on in your heart. Really, we don't need to keep the objects to remind ourselves that we loved them and still do. It has taken me a long time to get to this point but I feel now that even if I had just ONE special thing of my mother's (a ring, for example) then that would be enough because, really, she's always with me. You can let go of your Grandma's bowls without it meaning that you are somehow a traitor; that you don't care about her. Or you could keep just one bowl rather than the whole set.

Ursula Preiss said...

It's an ongoing process......