Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moon day today - I need a day off

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I got up and went to the Mysore class at 6:45. It became easier to get up so early.
The little flaws in my practice are corrected now. I point my toes in ubbaya paddangusthasana as an example. Oh, M. Sweeney doesn't point his toes in his book 'Astanga yoga as it is'. It feels better to point them. The movement goes upwards. The pose becomes stronger when the toes are pointed. It's a stretching pose.

When I'm on the mat my mind is focused. Everything else is forgotten, my practice is of interest.
Off the mat this moving activity occupies me.

Another activity moved to our new home: doing the laundry. Yesterday I brought the electric iron and the ironing board to that place here. A washing machine is integrated in the kitchen. There is also a washing machine in the house for the people here. Yet I don't like to wash my dirty laundry in the same washing drum like the other people here. So I'm happy that our previous tenants had built in a washing machine in the kitchen. But where to put the ironing board? Our creative minds have a lot to do. One must try out things. Sometimes one needs a practical solution, sometimes it's all about beauty.

Today is a moon day and I need it. 5 more days and everything we have will be here. I still try to decrease our possessions. Not all books are put in boxes yet.
A glorious idea came up: if not everything is packed the moving company can do it. They offered this service.

No time to lose.......I must go on.....

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